dolphin vagina

Human-on-dolphin sex is not really that weird -

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This Is What a Dolphins Vagina Looks Like

dolphin vagina
A CT scan of a common bottlenose dolphin penis inside a dolphin vagina. The red is the erectile tissue in the penis. (Dara Orbach)

Scientists Give Erections To Dead Dolphin Penises To …

dolphin vagina
Its not easy to study a whale vagina. Getting to Know Whale Vaginas in Seven Steps. And while we can catch glimpses of dolphin penises ready for action,

What is a Dolphins Vagina Shaped Like? - YouTube

dolphin vagina
The female has one genital slit, housing the vagina and the anus. Dolphin meat is dense and such a dark shade of red as to appear black.

Dolphin vagina - YouTube

A penis (plural penises or but not the glans which has already penetrated the vagina. While the females do this, the penis is not withdrawn and research has shown

Dolphin vaginas no longer a total mystery, thanks to …

Scientists gave dead dolphin penises an erection so they could see how they fit into vaginas.

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Malcolm J. Brenner, the controversial author of Wet Goddess, the autobiographical novel of a young mans love affair with a dolphin, relaxes on a computer

Getting to Know Whale Vaginas in 7 Steps - Scientific

If you look at any really detailed description of the physical appearance of a mammal species, you will find a lot of intricate information on the shape of the teeth

Scientists Inflated Dead Dolphin Penises to Fake Sex …

A couple of months ago, I helped out in a lab in which casts were made of dolphin vaginas. You heard me correctly. Dolphin vaginas. Wonder no longer about the